Hello world! This website is the digital resumee of a hungarian girl who tried her luck moving alone in the Netherlands 2 years ago and inmediately fell in love with the country. Although life as an expat is not easy,neither finding a dream job, but she truly believes she can make it.
My name is Petra, 21 years old girl from Hungary moved to the country of windmills, tulips and stroopwaffels. After 2 years being on a bit of a side-track, from September I finally going to do what I have the biggest passion for: I am going to start my studies at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. A big dream came true when I heard that I got accepted, but I also acknowledged it that getting in is only the beginning of a long journey. A journey towards the imaginary picture how I see myself in the future. Meanwhile I would like to fill these years with unforgettable memories, making friendships for life as well as learning and gaining as much experience as I can in the fields of my interests.
My current mission is to find a my dream job, what I can do along my studies. What am I looking for?